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Heat Transfer Vinyl


ThermoFlex® Turbo is a universal product, adhering to multiple fabrics, including cotton, polyester, cotton/polyester blends, and nylon.

This product is durable, weeds easily, and has a soft hand and strong grip. It discourages dye-migration since it has a low heat and has a quick press time – This also eliminates press marks! It has a pressure-sensitive carrier, which enables easy weeding and repositioning.


* These products cannot be layered as the bottom layer


GlitterFlex® Ultra is a stunning glitter product that is in very high demand.  It is one of our most popular products! With its easy-to-use sticky carrier and actual polyester glitter flakes, it’s easy to see why so many love and trust GlitterFlex® Ultra for their glitter heat transfer vinyl needs.


* These products are semi translucent and will take on the color of the garment.

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Printable heat transfer PU film with the best compromise between easy cutting and soft feel !
Graffiti is a high quality opaque polyurethane film. Light, stretchable very easy to cut and with high washing fastness. Suitable for eco-solvent, solvent and latex-printing. Graffiti has a silk matte surface and is PVC free.

Transfer conditions on polyester:

> Transfer Temperature: 125°C
> Transfer Time: 10 seconds
> Pressure: Medium/High
> Fastness: 60°

Transfer conditions on cotton:

> Transfer Temperature: 150 °C
> Transfer Time: 10 seconds 
> Pressure: Medium
> Fastness: 60°C

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