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SS21 Ink Alternative from Bordeaux 1 Liter Bottles

Bordeaux Fuze Eco Solvent Ink 1 Liter Bottle (Roland Eco Sol Max Alternative)

SKU: 10200151XX00

Ships from New Jersey and Denver, CO


3rd Party compatible ink for the following Roland Models: Roland SP-300/540, SP-300/540v, Pro2 SC-545EX, Pro2 SJ-545/645/745 EX, Pro3 XC-540, Pro3 XJ540/640/740, VS-300/400/500, and BN-20 printers.


One significant advantage of Bordeaux's Eco-Solvent ink is that it extends the life of printheads and reduces the need for adjusting the airflow around the printer. It also eliminates the need for shipping hazardous materials. These inks are versatile and can be used for a range of applications, from indoor signs to outdoor billboards, with high printing speeds on both coated and uncoated materials.


When it comes to compatibility, Bordeaux's Fuze Eco works well with Roland's ECO-SOL MAX. It's a simple "plug and print" solution, eliminating the need for flushing or profile creation. You can use your OEM ink until it's empty and replace only the empty channels, thanks to the Mix & Match concept, which boosts productivity and saves on ink costs.


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