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Bordeaux Fuze Eco MT Ink 440mL Cartridge (Mutoh MS31 Alternative)

Bordeaux Fuze Eco MT Ink 440mL Cartridge (Mutoh MS31 Alternative)

SKU: 12901171XX-03

Attention VJ1324 users: Your machine may or may not accept 440mL cartridges depending on your firmware. If you are not sure whether your machine can accept these cartridges, use the 220mL cartridges instead.


Committed to serving Mutoh® Valuejet Series printers, FUZE ECO MT™ eco-solvent ink presents a cost-effective, high-quality alternative to Eco-Ultra inks. 


Key Advantages:


  • Mix & Match Compatibility: FUZE ECO MT™ ink seamlessly blends with OEM ink, ensuring a hassle-free transition.
  • Swift Drying and Strong Adhesion: This ink dries rapidly while providing excellent adhesion to various substrates.
  • Low Odor and Safe: It emits minimal odor and poses no harm to users or the environment.
  • Exceptional Outdoor and Scratch Resistance: FUZE ECO MT™ ink offers superior resilience against outdoor elements and scratches.
  • Versatile Substrate Compatibility: It works well with a wide range of substrates, expanding your printing possibilities.
  • Environmentally Responsible: This ink is eco-friendly, promoting sustainability in your printing operations.
  • Up to 2 Years Outdoor Durability: Achieve lasting results without the need for lamination, with up to two years of outdoor durability

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