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Mutoh MS31 Ink 440mL Cartridge

Mutoh MS31 Ink 440mL Cartridge


Attention VJ1324 users: Your machine may or may not accept 440mL cartridges depending on your firmware. If you are not sure whether your machine can accept these cartridges, use the 220mL cartridges instead.


MS31 is a cutting-edge Eco-Solvent Ink introduced by MUTOH, showcasing a range of remarkable improvements tailored exclusively for this product. The ink boasts a significantly expanded color gamut, ensuring vibrant and vivid hues. Additionally, it excels in adhesion, securely bonding to various surfaces, while also offering enhanced dot gain for precise and accurate printing. Its remarkable resistance to weather, abrasion, and chemicals further contributes to the elevated quality of the printed images. Notably, MS-31 inks have achieved recognition as Avery ICS and 3M Performance Guaranteed Qualified, attesting to their exceptional performance. Furthermore, they have obtained the prestigious GREENGUARD Gold Certification, affirming their compliance with stringent emission standards and making them a safe choice for utilization in sensitive environments such as hospitals, schools, and daycare facilities.


MS31 has been specifically designed as a direct replacement for the discontinued Eco-Ultra VJ-MSINK3A inks. The transition from the old ink to the new MS31 requires no specialized flushing procedures or firmware updates, simplifying the conversion process for users. For added convenience, MS31 is available in three different formats: 220ml and 440ml cartridges, as well as 1000ml ink bags, ensuring easy and flexible usage.


MUTOH places great emphasis on supporting healthy living environments, and the GREENGUARD Gold Certification of MS31 Eco-Solvent Ink reaffirms this commitment. By adhering to strict guidelines regarding volatile organic compounds, this ink minimizes emissions and promotes clean air quality. As a result, it can be confidently employed in environments where air quality is of utmost importance, such as hospitals, schools, and daycare facilities.


The exceptional properties of MS31 make it an ideal choice for a range of ValueJet printer models, including the VJ-2638X, VJ-1324X, VJ-628X, VJ-1624X, VJ-1628X, VJ-1604, VJ-1638X, and VJ-1938X. These printers can take full advantage of the superior features offered by MS31, enabling users to achieve outstanding print results across a diverse array of applications.

  • Features

    • Achieves a wide color gamut
    • Improved dot gain in high density areas
    • Excellent weather resistance (more than 3 years without lamination), abrasion resistance, chemical resistance
    • User-friendly, efficient large capacity 220ml and 440ml cartridges and 1000ml ink bags
    • Easy weekly maintenance procedure
    • GREENGUARD Gold Certified
    • 7-color (CMYK+Light Cyan+Light Magenta+Light Black) printing to achieve smooth gradients  with less graininess
    • 2 years shelf life (24 months from the date manufactured)

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