Mutoh MS31 440mL Ink Cartidge

Mutoh MS31 440mL Ink Cartidge


IMPORTANT NOTE! This is a new solvent ink formula from Mutoh for all of their current and some legacy printers. If you are using a VJ1204, VJ1304, VJ1604, VJ1614 or any other model using DX5 print heads, click here for a 3rd party option as Mutoh does NOT reccomend you use this ink in your machine.


Mutoh MS31 Ink provides faster drying time and more aggressive adhesion.

Supported models: 628, 628X, 1324, 1324X, 1324XS, 1624, 1624X, 1628, 1638, 1638X, 2638 and 2638X. No flush necessary for supported models that currently use Eco Ultra inks.

MS31 ink produces quick drying graphics that adhere more aggressively to a wide variety of substrates that can be handled right off the printer, increasing productivity. Faster drying time also promotes long production runs, even in high speed mode.