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Mutoh MS31 Ink 1000mL Bag

Mutoh MS31 Ink 1000mL Bag

SKU: VJ-MS31-XX1000U

Introducing MS31, the latest innovation from MUTOH in the realm of Eco-Solvent Ink. This remarkable ink has undergone meticulous enhancements, tailored specifically for MS31, resulting in a myriad of benefits. With a significantly broader range of colors, MS31 brings forth an enriched color gamut that breathes life into every image it touches. Its exceptional adhesion ensures that the ink adheres firmly to various surfaces, while improved dot gain guarantees precise and impeccable dot placement, further elevating the overall print quality. Additionally, MS31 boasts remarkable resistance to weather-induced abrasion and the damaging effects of chemicals, bolstering its durability.


A notable aspect of MS31 is its prestigious certifications. These inks are Avery ICS and 3M Performance Guaranteed Qualified, providing assurance of their reliability and performance. Furthermore, MS31 has been bestowed with the esteemed GREENGUARD Gold Certification, a testament to its commitment to supporting healthy living environments. This certification signifies that MS31 Eco-Solvent Ink emits low levels of volatile organic compounds, making it safe for use in sensitive areas such as hospitals, schools, and daycare facilities.


As a successor to the now-discontinued Eco-Ultra VJ-MSINK3A inks, MS31 offers a seamless transition without the need for any special flushing or firmware updates. Its availability in practical and convenient options, including 220ml and 440ml cartridges, as well as 1000ml ink bags, ensures that printing operations can continue uninterrupted.


To unleash the full potential of MS31, it can be used with an array of exceptional ValueJet printer models. These include the VJ-2638X, VJ-1324X, VJ-628X, VJ-1624X, VJ-1628X, VJ-1604, VJ-1638X, and VJ-1938X, all of which synergize perfectly with MS31 to deliver outstanding print results.

  • Features

    • Achieves a wide color gamut
    • Improved dot gain in high density areas
    • Excellent weather resistance (more than 3 years without lamination), abrasion resistance, chemical resistance
    • User-friendly, efficient large capacity 220ml and 440ml cartridges and 1000ml ink bags
    • Easy weekly maintenance procedure
    • GREENGUARD Gold Certified
    • 7-color (CMYK+Light Cyan+Light Magenta+Light Black) printing to achieve smooth gradients  with less graininess
    • 2 years shelf life (24 months from the date manufactured)

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