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Mutoh MS41 Ink for XpertJet Printers 1000mL

Mutoh MS41 Ink for XpertJet Printers 1000mL

SKU: MS41-XX1000

The MUTOH MS41 EcoSolvent Ink is an exceptional ink solution designed exclusively for MUTOH XpertJet SR printers. Representing the pinnacle of technological advancement and drawing upon more than a decade of innovation and expertise in outdoor printing, the MS41 ink stands as the latest generation of MUTOH's eco-solvent inks.


With a steadfast commitment to outdoor durability and resistance against abrasion, the MS41 ink carries forward the exceptional qualities of its predecessors, such as the ECO Ultra inks. However, it transcends previous limitations by introducing an expanded color gamut and a notable improvement in dot gain. These advancements contribute to an even more vibrant and visually captivating printing experience.

The MS41 ink is meticulously engineered to deliver superior image quality, ensuring that every detail is vividly reproduced with utmost precision. Its remarkable production speeds further enhance the efficiency and productivity of printing operations, allowing for expedited completion of high-quality prints.


Whether you're printing outdoor signage, banners, vehicle wraps, or any other large-format application, the MUTOH MS41 EcoSolvent Ink empowers you with exceptional performance and the confidence to bring your creative visions to life.

  • Features

    • Improved dot gain in high density areas
    • Available in 4 or 7 colors (CMYK Lc Lm Lk) in 1000ml or 300ml bags
    • Wide color gamut
    • 2 year shelf life (from date of manufacture)
    • Compatible with the all new XpertJet 1641SR and 1682SR printers
    • Easy Maintenance 

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