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Mutoh RJ-900X Printhead (Includes 8 Free Dampers) P/N DF-49684

Mutoh RJ-900X Printhead (Includes 8 Free Dampers) P/N DF-49684

SKU: DF-49684
$1,595.00 Regular Price
$1,495.00Sale Price

This original Mutoh DX5 printhead is designed for the RJ-900 series of printers. It is compatible with all RJ-900 variants. Included are 8 free dampers to start the new head off fresh. Technical support is available just call 303-733-6671!


AKA: Aqueous DX5 Printhead, Water Based DX5 Printhead, Mutoh DX5 Printhead

  • Technical Specs

    Technology: Micro-Piezo
    Native resolution: 1440 dpi
    Min. Droplet Size: 1.5 pico litre
    Max. Droplet Size: 21 pico litre
    Tot. Amount of Nozzles: 1440 (8 lines x 180 nozzles)
    Firing Frequency: 8 kHz
    Ink Compatibility: eco-solvent, mild solvent, dye sublimation

  • Machine Compatibility

    RJ-900C (Drafstation)
    RJ-900X (Drafstation)
    RJ-901C (Drafstation Pro)
    RJ-901M (Drafstation Pro)
    RJ-901X (Drafstation Pro)
    Valuejet 1204
    Valuejet 1304
    Valuejet 1304W
    Valuejet 1604
    Valuejet 1604W
    Valuejet 1608 Hybrid
    Valuejet 1614

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