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Mutoh Valuejet Dual Channel Damper OEM

Mutoh Valuejet Dual Channel Damper OEM


This is the  dual channel damper for the Valuejet 628, 1614, 1617, 1624, 1624x, 1638, 1641,1938, 1948, 661UF, 1682,  2638,   1324, and XpertJet 1641SR (and pro) and the XpertJet 1341 SR-pro.  If you need assistance determining which damper you need for your machine, call 303-733-6671 and speak with one of our techs. These are genuine Epson parts produced for Epson for Mutoh and Roland printers. These are the exact part that others charge over $100.00.


Dampers are very important and time consuming to install, do not skimp on this part.

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