Roland Eco Sol Ink Alternative from Bordeaux 440mL Cartridges

Roland Eco Sol Ink Alternative from Bordeaux 440mL Cartridges


Bordeaux’s Prime-Eco is fully compatible with Roland’s ECO-SOL MAX inks. Just “plug and print” and you’re ready to go! There is no need to flush or spending costly time creating new profiles. You can use your OEM ink to the end while replacing only empty channels: the Mix & Match™ concept increases your productivity level! Bordeaux inks produce: High print density · Extremely wide color gamut · Quick drying with excellent substrate adhesion · Superior scratch resistance · Long life prints that can be laminated for extended use · High quality prints using a wide selection of uncoated banner, mesh, vinyl, self adhesive vinyl and paper. These inks will NOT work in the Roland RF640

Bordeaux has also designed the Eco-Solvent Inks to interact seamlessly with the Printer: 100%-compatibility with original printer components · Promote Printhead life · Will not cause clogging and misfiring · No Need to use mechanical ventilation directly over the Printer

General Information
A major benefit of Bordeaux’s Eco-Solvent ink is the extended Printhead life and limited need to regulate the surrounding airflow. HAZMAT shipping is also avoided. Eco-Solvent inks can be used for everything from high-resolution indoor signs to outdoor durable billboards, using high printing speeds and have the ability to adhere to coated and uncoated substrates. Designed For most Roland Eco Slovent printers, check with us if you have questions. This ink is not designed for the BN-20 series printers, and the RF series printers.